A Thorough Warming-Up!

All the processes commence with a thorough intake. By spending time with internal stakeholders such as the line manager and HR representative we ensure that all parties have a complete and similar perception of the profile the candidates will possess. What are the values of your organisation? What is the precise skill set required? Which competencies? What is the current and potentially the future desired culture? All crucial information to ensure the right match now and for the longer term.

The First Half

Using social media, LinkedIn, vacancy sites and by accessing their own considerable network SportScoutz possesses all the necessary means to scout for suitable candidates. With the input from the company a long list is developed. Candidates are contacted to discuss the position their suitability and availability. Candidate profiles are discussed internally and with the client company.

The Second Half

SportScoutz presents a short list to the client who decides who will be invited for further discussions. As the recruitment unfolds SportScoutz remains in contact with candidates and company ensuring the process runs smoothly. SportScoutz stays focused right to the final whistle when the candidate walks through the door on their first day with their new company

Commentary / The Third Half!

Sport is not about one match. SportScoutz understands this and aims to build long standing relationships with companies, candidates and sports related institutions.
Throughout the career of the placed candidate we endeavour to stay in contact providing advice and other services such as coaching. The third half also has another meaning and wherever possible we look to stay in touch on a social level as well!