Sportscoutz has helped Under Armour in Europe to build a great team through various recruitment projects. I have found them to be a flexible, knowledgeable partner with a strong network and the ability to push challenging projects successfully over the finish line.

For SportVibes Digital we were looking for a young professional to support our digital team. Via the Talentday we hired Michel and we are happy with him in our team. Hopefully we can recruit a new talent soon true SportScoutz.

As a Professional Football Organization you generally have a small staff with a lot of operational work. SportScoutz has a pre-selection module which can take a lot of work off your hands, especially in the selection process. Furthermore, we can also make use of the expertise of SportScoutz. SportScoutz works from an independent and expert position. We have pleasant experiences with their services.

Justin Goetzee -

SportScoutz helped LifeFitness several times with success. With their great network, fast and good service they profided us a few good candidates matching our values, company and the open positions.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation is regularly looking for passionate headstrong team players. To find the right talent between the number of applicants, we use SportScoutz. In the meantime they know exactly which Cruyffians suit us and that saves us a lot of time. We have already welcomed quite a few new colleagues in this way.

After searching and applying for jobs for a long time I almost gave up the fight. Until I met Sportscoutz, they had an amazing and exciting job that’s suits me perfectly in no time! I wasn’t one of the 500 people applying, but I was recommended by Sportscoutz. It’s way easier to step into an interview like that… I’m super happy with my job, but if I ever want to switch jobs again Sportscoutz is the first one I’d call!